• Cloud Advisory

    People to people

We believe Cloud to be digital transformation trigger, enabling new business models.

When we talk about Cloud for Business, we talk about a wide range of services that are getting more clear and specific over time.

There are traditional services as Hosting and Housing (DaaS, IaaS) and innovative services as Cloud WiFi, VaaS, Office in Cloud, DRaaS and many more) that can disrupt the way you used to do your business.

It’s time for the IT department to get the visibility it deserves as more and more often the IT becomes the engine of marketing and sales processes.

  • New business models

  • Digitization of products and services

  • New channels for interacting with clients

  • Testing and innovation

NETFLIX, SPOTIFY, SNAPCHAT and many other successes would have not existed without Cloud.

IIn this context of innovation the company management need specific analysis to choose:

Which applications migrate and which ones keep on-premise

Which solutions are aligned with business goals

Who is the right service provider

What is the security level to achieve

How to organize resources after migration

In FAR Networks, as Cloud Advisor and Architects, we design, develop and set up the right solutions, in Cloud or on-premise, for many kind of businesses. We study together how to exploit the latest technologies to improve your business, taking into account your size, your business needs and your existing IT infrastructure to maximize ROI and your current technology performance.

Due to our cross-cutting competences we are able to help our clients with their Cloud strategy, asset and integration.

Tailored services for Business

  • Utility

    Risk Management Solutions

  • Retail

    Facility management of stores and multimedia data management

  • Trasporti

    Fleet management, anti-fraud and Revenue management solutions

  • Finance

    Agile provisioning of financial services, e-learning and computing platforms

  • Telco

    Video streaming, advertising and infrastructure management

  • Manifatturiero

    Supply chain and transport management

We bring new competences to your business:

Contract Management

Enterprise Architecture

Change Management

Performance Management

Demand Management

We work with the best global partners to guarantee the maximum level of reliability of our Cloud solutions