• Collaboration

    To encourage innovation, inter-company and with clients

  • To reduce business trips and travel expenses

  • To grow you your business

There are places that foster collaboration. There are companies where people share their ideas naturally: those are places where progress and innovation rise. How to create a workplace like that, where there is an atmosphere of collaboration and workers have everything they need at their disposal?

Fostering innovation and sharing of ideas

Collaboration promotes more efficient brainstorming, simplier and immediate sharing of ideas, faster decisions. Workers are able to work from anywhere, anytime, using their favourite device, connecting to the company network safely.

Boosting productivity and enhancing relationships

In person meetings are effective but usually expensive and time-consuming. In FAR Networks we integrate the best technologies to create a voice/video experience so engaging that make people forget about the distance between them. Setting up meeting get easier, encouraging people to meet more frequently and improving relationships.

Uncovering new opportunities and growing your business

A collaborative environment that is efficient and multichannel, puts in contact the business with clients, fostering their relationship with the brand. The Customer Experience grows due to better understanding of customers’ needs, to a faster problem solving and to quicker and more accurate answers.

Reducing business trips and travel expenses

Usually companies spend more than 10% of their annual budget on travel expenses. Collaboration solutions enable alternative options to business trips, reducing costs and boosting productivity.

We enable new ways of working, explore our Smart Working solutions

We develop collaboration solutions that meet your business goals:

  • Simplicity

  • Flexibility

  • ROI

  • Productivity

  • Scalability

  • User Experience

  • Team work

We combine the best technologies to deliver valuable, customized and effective collaboration experiences. We are markedly good at integrating Cisco and Microsoft products, enabling the two worlds to communicate with each other and with other third party applications.


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