• Contact Center Cisco

We offer Cisco contact center solutions that enable the digital transformation of traditional call centers into omni-channel contact centers.

High reliability

Monobrand Cisco solutions, stable and safe.


IP architecture that supports a full suite of omni-channel services.

Customer Experience

Focus on interactive and tailored user experiences.

Remote Expert and Mobile Advisor

Video integration and advanced collaboration with clients and colleagues.

Service Level Agreement

The platform can set up, manage and control SLA proactively.

Call Routing

Business strategies applied to routing, for sending each call to the most suitable resource.

Business Intelligence

Data collection for analytics and monitoring of all omni-channel interactions.

Marketing campaign management

Management of Outbound and Inbound marketing campaigns.

We believe customer to be the king and center of all interactive channels in a winning customer relationship strategy

Customer Experience

We turn impersonal contacts into personal interactions, whether contact channel is used:

  • Web chat
  • Email
  • Text Message
  • Guided Help
  • Audio / Video calls
  • Social

All channels converge in one simple framework, with un paralleled interoperability.

Integrated collaboration tools

Our solutions support:

  • Video
  • Voice
  • Presence
  • File Sharing
  • Chat
  • Third party applications

The best collaboration tools help workers to find fast and quality solutions and enhance clients’ experience when they get in touch with your brand.

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