Proactive and on-demand assistance with customized services and schedules


Supported customers


Solved tickets in a year


Supported technologies

Why choose FAR Networks?

Each customer can chose either to use FAR Networks as its global support centre, on the basis of its needs, or to make our support team join its company, as a complementary help.

  • One representative

    We are a sole referent for supporting more than 50 technologies.


    To face all new challenges

  • Multi-languages support

    For Enterprise businesses

  • Report and monitoring

    To always control your infrastructure thanks to the EOL, EOS, HW monitoring

  • Flexibility

    Global or complementary support. Remote and onsite assistance. Customized services and schedules on the basis of your needs.


Proactive Support

We dispose of alarm systems able to monitor the technological infrastructure of our customers. This allows us preventing and intervening immediately to cancel or strongly reduce the stoppage of your services.

On demand Support

  • Assistance to Partner Brands
  • Assistance to the users or to the IT Department of the customer, according to its needs and technologies
  • Support to projecting the growing up of the IT system
  • Customizable 24/7 support
  • Remote and on site support

The Team

We choose our new employees among the best younger talents in our sector, with the aim to train them and guide them in the world of work.

The Helpdesk Service Team in FAR Networks, as well as the whole personnel, is composed of people fond of technology: our standard employee is a neo-graduated or degree holder, with a successive specific technology training certification.

In FAR Networks, thanks to a monthly training plan on the new technologies and regular updates on the already known ones, each employees gets the necessary skills on all IT fields.

These trainings (by means of internal and external tutors, within the FAR Academy project), allow the employees to horizontally grow up on all technologies, in order to move after towards a verticalization on specific technologies, according to the company core business.