FAR Education 4.0 is the digital system that enables new innovative learning models based on flexibility and online collaboration between students and teachers.

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Why FAR Education 4.0?

Outdated classes

Obsolete learning models, outdated technology and/or redundant digital platforms.

Poor collaboration

It gets hard to share ideas, materials and spaces for meeting and collaborating.

Flipped Classroom

A new method of teaching is turning the traditional classroom into a great learning experience.

Poor flexibility

21st century schools need more flexible environments and courses to meet new learners’ needs.

A new generation of students

A new generation of students, with new needs:

In the past, students had almost the same age and attended traditional lessons, face to face with mates and teachers.

Today instead, people studying in Universities and business schools can be between 18 and 30 years old, with several exceptions such as “not traditional age students” and professionals… In this mixture, the bigger slice of students is anyway represented by the Millenial generation.

This new generation of students has very particular characteristics, due to the strong technological evolution we live in: the millennials are digital native. They are bombarded with flows of information and learn them better when multimedial, they prefer less formal and more productive environments and give a great value to connections and relationships with colleagues and trainers…

The new workers & students

The new workers & students:

Workers are today subjected to the weight of the flow of multimedial information, they are absent-minded and impatient. Flexibility, as far as learning places and times are concerned, becomes more and more important. They would like to learn from teachers, managers and experts, they have a major control on their own education. They search for a quality level training, which must be:

  • Flexible
  • On-demand
  • Collaborative

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New solutions are necessary in order to support this change.

In FAR Networks we create learner-centered environments, to engage in a different and better way millenials and business school students.

We help teachers to meet their students’ needs, taking on the new challenges offered by flexible education and by digital transformation.

Online communication is a necessary skill

Online networking is an important skill in modern companies. By being introduced to a collaborative online environment, students are forced to develop a productive communication style that will help them through their entire career.

Improve group project management

An online collaboration environment allows students to work on projects easily, it improves team building and creates professional networks. Sharing ideas and materials gets simple and immediate leading to a better learning performance.

Open the doors to creative collaboration

An innovative and integrated collaboration environment enhances creativity. The opportunities to share and edit documents online, communicating real time support brainstorming in the project groups and the development of new team working skills.



Your existing Learning Management System can be integrated with collaboration modules, scheduling toold, virtual rooms, webconference, calendars and sharing of multimedial contents.


We arrange lessons and learning activities so that they are available online, real time,  anywhere and on any device.


We allow the possibility of sharing multimedial files, downloading lessons, conversations and research material, in an easy and agile way.


  • Registration

    We integrate the existing Learning management System in a cooperation platform, webconference and sharing of multimedial contents.

  • Calendar of lessons

    Scheduling of lessons both in real and virtual classes.

  • Content management

    Management of the lessons with their multimedial contents.

  • Virtual meetings with teachers

    State of presence online and opportunity to schedule one-to-one meetings. Simply with a click.

  • Integration available with main LMS on market

    We can integrate collaboration modules and virtual rooms directly into your existing Learning Management System if you like.


  • Virtual classes

    Simplified management of the lessons in virtual mode, check-in with a click from the real classroom, automatic registration.

  • Great audio-video quality

    We work with the best partners in order to guarantee the best audio-video quality for teaching.

  • Advanced collaboration services

    Simplified management of questions, file sharing, desktop sharing, online pools.

  • Interactive whiteboard

    To show and share the contents of the lesson, with a multimedial approach.

  • Control

    Opportunity to monitor the level of attention of the virtual class and to silence the students remotely.

  • An Immersive Collaboration Experience with SparkBoard

    The all-in-one
    cloud-connected digital whiteboard


  • Artificial Intelligence

    An artificial intelligence can be integrated and enable further extraordinary scenarios.

  • Recording and Multimedia

    After the lesson, the system automatically provides for the audio-video recorded contents to all participants.

  • Group projects

    Virtual environments and collaboration tools are available also for projects and working groups.


    Opportunity to build-up communities to facilitate relationships and dialogues on educational items.

  • Security

    Data and communications are protected by an end-to-end encryption in cloud.

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