• Smart office resource management

    Search, book, manage and use ANY RESOURCE to meet your professional goals.

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FAR Booking enables the booking of any resource and its management over time.

The platform is scalable, open and customizable for your needs.

Search and Booking

Filtered search, instant booking and automatic update of user’s calendar.

Calendar of resources

You can check the calendar of each resource for checking availability.

Check in opportunity

One-click check in to simplify the user experience.


To optimize resources, spaces and budget.

API Connector

Open platform with API connectors for a customized user experience.


Search for resources

  • The administrator can name and create any kind of resource, physical or virtual, in any moment.
  • Privileges can be assigned for particular users or roles, enabling custom visibility of resources
  • Search by category
  • Search by feature: any physical, virtual or logistic feature
  • Search by timetable

Booking, management and check in

  • Availability of resources tied to business roles
  • Automatic updates of calendar
  • Opportunity to manage or cancel an event to release a resource
  • User friendly one-click check in


  • User friendly calendar and dashboard for managing reosurces.
  • Minimal and intuitive design.
  • You can check the calendar of each resource if you need.+
  • You can book resources on external calendars as GMAIL, EXCHANGE, OFFICE 365 or directly on the FAR Booking App.

Management of meeting rooms

  • Android tablets by your conference room to reduce booking conflicts and reserve from the door.
  • Voice-Video call for Concierge/HelpDesk
  • Real time office analytics and data export that let you know how your office is being used
  • Availability check in to doublecheck if a room available, booked, busy.
  • User check in available via NFC, QR code, App, SMS and more.
  • When a multimedia room is available, immediate booking can be made directly from the tablet outdoor
  • Simultaneous management of more rooms from a single device.
  • Customizable design

Outdoor screen built to display office information real time

FAR Booking allows third party applications to check meeting rooms availability and enables them for booking.

  • Third party applications are usually digital signage screens and outdoor tablets.
  • You can set up and manage modules directly on FAR Booking (i.e. on/off time of connected devices)
  • 3D and 2D customizable design

Mobile App

Mobile App available for iOS and Android

  • Welcome splash page and booking summary
  • my Meeting Rooms – Meeting rooms management
  • my Desks – Desk booking management
  • check Maps – Real time interactive maps

Reports and Analytics

to optimize resource management and budget

Reports near real time

The platform has a Dashboard and reports modules with data and graphs for immediate check out of resource usage rates:

  • Daskboard data can be filtered by type and place, after selecting a specific time range (default time range is the current month), and presented using FAR Booking visual graphics.
  • The number of bookings and the number of times a resource was booked but not used are showed for each resource/type.
  • Export in csv is available for further analysis.

Dashboard Analytics

The dashboard can be focused on resources or users. A quite wide range of visual graphics is available for presenting data.


  • Total bookings, total hours and expired bookings.


  • Total bookings and expired bookings (Top 5 of most active users and top 5 of users that didn’t use the resources they booked).

A scalable and modular solution

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  • Small business

    From 1 a to 400 users

  • Medium Business

    from 400 to 1500 users

  • Enterprise

    Unlimited users