Our Cloud VoIP solution is for all those customers who need a unified communications solution but do not want to manage a Call Manager infrastructure.

The solution can be treated as a virtual PBX in the Cloud, an advanced communications service that connects in a smart way colleagues and companies using the web, increasing productivity and allowing significant savings.

FAR VoIP Cloud is a digital and fully replaces the company switchboard, providing advanced services (messaging, presence, chat, videoconference, telepresence…), at enterprise quality level, to businesses of all sizes.

FAR Cloud VoIP for our customers

We simplify calls management in a smart working perspective.

We provide companies with advanced communications services, usually intended for large enterprises, as presence, chat, videoconference, telepresence and much more.

FAR Cloud VoIP for our partner

We empower you with a Cisco UC infrastructure management tool for managing your clients’ Communications. Our Cloud VoIP solution, integrated with the web management module FAR CUP, is suitable for users with limited IT skills, reducing your operational costs.


A simple, modular and customizable solution.

Convenience and Control


Mobility and BYOD

Performance and Reliability

Convenience and control

  • No costs for the purchase of hardware or its maintenance
  • Free calls between branch offices, even for those halfway around the world.
  • Monitoring phone lines, access to services and consumption
  • Cheaper calls to landlines and mobile phones outside the company network

Simplified Infrastructure Management

  • Only one PBX for all branches and offices worldwide
  • A single data line for the whole company
  • VoIP phones are tied to the same socket as PCs are.
  • Set up or modify the power and lines takes a few clicks

Mobility and BYOD

  • Information about a given business account are available on any device.
  • By installing a simple app on your smartphone, it becomes a corporate internal phone

FAR Cloud VoIP enables new ways of working.

Explore our Smart Working solutions.

Performance and reliability

  • No faults, our team of experts will monitor 24/7 the performance of your PBX
  • No obsolescence, the capabilities are always at the top of technology and up to date due to our scheduled updates.

FAR CUP – Provisioning tool

Easy and immediate management of Telephony using FAR CUP:

  • It simplifies the daily routine operations on phone’s accounts
  • It normalizes and automates processes, reducing configuration errors
  • It allows time and resources savings, taking off workload from the IT Department

A user-friendly platform with full features for advanced users and a simplified dashboard for those who have limited IT skills.

FAR Cloud VoIP

An essential tool for delegating Cisco UC infrastructure management.


A simple, modular and customizable solution.

PBX and call routing

Softphone App and Mobile App

Presence and Instant Messaging


Audio and Video conferencing


Online address book

Speed dials

A flexible solution

Talk to an Expert

  • Annual or multi-year contract

    The standard contract gives the customer the opportunity to choose 1, 2 or 3 years’ service.

  • Opportunity of early way out

    Way Out on the expiry of the first or second year.

  • Scalability of users

    Opportunity to increase or decrease the number of internal numbers monthly.

  • Add or remove new sites

    The FAR CUP module simplifies the management of multiple locations.