A simple tool for managing complex UC architectures.

FAR CUP is our provisioning tool for integrated and simplified management, multi-site and multi-tenant, of Cisco Call Manager platforms.

Simplified Management

Add, change or remove users and phones.

Massive deployment

Integration with end user self provisioning and licence management.

Speed dials management

Load and update short numbers.

Call PickUp groups

Creation of Call PickUp groups.

Multi-Site and Multi-Tenant

Simplified management of remote sites and clients.

Call Routing

Advanced management of Call Routing and call licenses on international directories.


Management of complex infratructures made of multiple Call Manager platforms through one user friendly dashboard.


User friendly dashboard and analytics about device distribution and registration.

Managing complexity

for anybody.

User Experience

Simplified management of Cisco UC infrastructures

Using one simple dashboard, you can manage centrally:

  • multiple Call Manager platforms
  • multiple sites
  • users profiles

Simplification of daily routine operations

FAR CUP simplifies the daily routine operations on phone’s accounts. It normalizes and automates processes, reducing configuration errors.

Customization and collaboration

FAR CUP is a highly customizable tool. The platform can be set up for different kind of users: privileges can be assigned to each profile and enable a skill-based tailored dashboard. With FAR CUP, the IT department can manage collaboratively one or multiple Cisco UC infrastructures, using one user friendly tool.

User-friendly dashboard

The dashboard is fully customizable for each user with different features for advanced users and a simplified dashboard for those who have limited IT skills. This way you can save money, time and resources for managing your UC infrastructure.

A scalable and modular solution

Talk to an Expert

  • Small business

    Instant and easy management of Cisco Call Manager for optimizing time and resources. A user friendly platform that can be used by IT experts but also by people with limited technical skills.

  • Medium Business

    Simplified management of UC Cisco multi-site/multi-cluster infrastructures. With FAR CUP the IT department can manage collaboratively provisioning activities.

  • Enterprise

    Massive deployment and simplified management of mulsti-site, multi-cluster and multi-tenant infrastructures. Advanced Call Routing and collaboration for reducing the workload of the IT department.

  • System Integrator

    FAR CUP is an essential tool for delegating Cisco UC infrastructure management.