• IoT Solutions

We use the Internet of things for developing innovative and tailored solutions. We connect employees, machines, buyers and sellers conveniently to enablenew business models and digital transformation..

IoT Management Platform

A customizable platform for centralized management and monitoring of smart devices. We enable data mining and data export for analysis and third party applications.

Building Automation

We allow remote management of sensors and actuators for analyzing, transforming and monitoring features of the environment as temperature, lights, locks, humidity,…

Data Mining

We enable collection of data and information for behavioral analysis, business process streamline and automation of corrective actions in critical environments.

Safety at work

Alarm systems for security of workers. We enable collection of data using sensors that send automatically alarms and messages in case of potential danger.

IoT Management Platform

With our Iot Management Platform, completely engineered and developed in Italy, you can track presence and status of any smart device in physical places, performing actions when needed (restart, analysis, etc.). You can create workflows for managing specific automations that require interactions among components.

The platform is customizable to your needs and integrates data mining and BI modules for:

  • Saving thousands of data coming from machines
  • Analyzing data with an integrated dashboard
  • Exporting data in desired format for third party analytics

Building Automation

We transform your devices into Smart Devices, able to share data with building automation systems and with the Cloud. Sensors allow data mining and make information available for monitoring energy consumption and operating costs.

You can manage remotely a system of sensors and actuators for analyzing, editing and controlling characteristics of the environment as:

  • Humidity/ Temperature
  • Lights
  • Locks
  • Geolocation of smart devices and people

How smart can your devices get?

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Data Mining

  • Collection of data for Big Data analysis

  • Prediction of critical events

  • Automation of corrective actions

  • Streamline of business processes

Safety at work

  • Security and communication systems for workers in risky work conditions

  • 4.0 video surveillance systems

  • Predizione di situazioni critiche e automazione di azioni correttive

  • Monitoring of environmental data