• We create and deliver innovative solutions for MULTIMEDIA ROOMS THAT MEET USERS’ NEEDS.

How we work:

Focus on business needs

We develop and deliver turnkey solutions for multimedia rooms that meet your business goals. We deliver applications to enhance productivity, collaboration and user experience. We reduce the workload of the IT department through automation and remote management.

The best technologies

We develop our solutions with the best brands, testing carefully the performance in our laboratories. We specialize in Cisco and Microsoft technology and are able to integrate them on both client and server sides.

Collaborative development

There are needs that can’t be fulfilled with standard products on market. Our development team is at your disposal to realize collaboratively customizations and ad hoc developments.

Support 24/7

We have an internal structure dedicated to Helpdesk that deploys a set of world-class services for our clients. The team includes Support Engineers, highly experienced in products, systems implementation, application management and advanced troubleshooting. The team manages 24/7 Customer Support for Europe via proactive monitoring and remote/on-site support.


Turnkey solutions that enable simple and engaging collaboration experiences with colleagues and clients.

  • Minimal and attractive design

    Tailored solutions with attractive design, a perfect fit for each kind of multimedia room style.

  • One-click Technology

    You can launch meetings immediately, no waste of time.

  • Presenter Track

    The system recognizes the presenter and automatically follow his movements in the room.

  • File Sharing via Proximity

    Sharing and distribution of files directly on smartphone and tablets, through proximity technology.

  • Multimedia room automation

    Directly and simply rom the telepresence system.

Team Connect

A go-anywhere wireless audio conferencing solution that enables you to set up and host a professional-sounding conference in virtually any room.


    Professional portable audio, Team Connect enables you to set up a conference room anywhere you are.


    Simple wireless solution that virtually installs itself within seconds, to avoid time wasting.


    The system transmits the voices of up to 24 participants in superior audio quality.


    The solution blends in perfectly with any modern working environment.


    The solution works perfectly with all main conference systems on market.

Audio Distribution Network

An innovative solution that creates the ideal environment for focused discussions, whether wired or wireless the system guarantees maximum reliability and simple remote management of multimedia rooms.

  • A scalable solution

  • Wired, wireless or hybrid

  • Remote management and control

    via web interface or App

  • Speech intelligibility

    for a superb audio experience

  • Minimal design

    A perfect fit in any modern working environment

Dedicated to speech. experience simplicity.

SpeechLine Digital Wireless

  • Two-dimensional communication
  • Multi-room mode
  • Multichannel operation
  • User friendly audio management system
  • Advanced 256-bit AES encryption
  • Optimum Speech Intelligibility
  • License free

FAR Booking

FAR Booking enables you to book, manage and control multimedia rooms in real time. The platform is scalable, open and customizable for your needs.

Search and Booking

Filtered search, immediate booking and automatic update of users’ calendar.

Calendars of resources

You can check calendars of multimedia rooms for availability check.

Check in

One click check in to simplify user experience.


Resources, spaces and budget optimization.

API Connector

Open platform with API connectors for a customized user experience.


  • Android tablets by your conference room to reduce booking conflicts and reserve from the door.
  • Voice-Video call for Concierge/HelpDesk
  • Real time office analytics and data export that let you know how your office is being used
  • Availability check in to doublecheck if a room available, booked, busy.
  • User check in available via NFC, QR code, App, SMS and more.
  • When a multimedia room is available, immediate booking can be made directly from the tablet outdoor
  • Simultaneous management of more rooms from a single device.
  • Customizable design


FAR Booking allows third party applications to check meeting rooms availability and enables them for booking.

  • Third party applications are usually digital signage screens and outdoor tablets.
  • You can set up and manage modules directly on FAR Booking (i.e. on/off time of connected devices)
  • 3D and 2D customizable design

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