Columbus is a private hospital in Milan, offering medical-chirurgical high quality services, thanks to:

  • Advanced technologies, such as the Da Vinci robotic chirurgical system
  • Constant monitoring of the patients’ needs
  • Expertize and proficiency by the whole medical, technical, administrative staff
  • Excellence and passion in all the services offered to their patients

Each patient in the Columbus Hospitals followed by the best medical personnel during all phases of his surgery: from the diagnostic analyses to the chirurgical treatment and the following rehab.

The name of the hospital comes from the historic Columbus Hospital opened in New York on 1849 to assist the Italian migrants.


The aim of the Columbus Hospital is to give its patients the best possible experience and to be one of the most innovative hospitals both in Italy and abroad.

Besides the need to guarantee an efficient and fast support service to its internal IT Dept., the Columbus Hospital wants to rebuild it so that it can dispose of a group of technological innovation experts, onsite, guided by the international experience of their IT Manager Giuseppe Ferrareis.


Experts in a variegated, harmonious IT Dept


Better unified Customer Experience


Knowing the importance of transparency in the relationship with our customers, we started defining the fundamental principles of our working relation with Columbus, to reach the desired objectives in terms of technological innovation and to optimize the customer experience.

We gave great emphasis to the human relations, investing in IT resources who perfectly fit the needs of the Hospital, both in terms of efficiency and integration in the existing IT Dept.

We approached the initial need for a technical support with a 7/24 dedicated help desk service, to answer all requests by the IT Dept and operate remotely to solve specific technical troubles. The perfect understanding we reached through a clear and precise sharing of business objectives, allowed our relation to evolve towards a permanent onsite integration of 3 FAR expert technicians inside the hospital.

One of the first results reached by this potentiated IT Dept., supervised by Giuseppe Ferrareis, was to gain internal visibility for the IT Dept. and to integrate inside it the company business processes, in order to win the digital transformation challenges in the medical-sanitary sector.

If yesterday the IT personnel in Columbus was full of routine activities, today they can be able to concentrate their efforts on innovation and to optimize technology. Challenges taken by the IT Team range from the advanced video communication between medical staff and patients, to the sharing of material for educating the specialists, to the efficient utilization of areas and tools, to the remote control of patients and the customization of their experience during their cycle of medical treatments.

Columbus and FAR Networks become more and more tight, optimizing together the potential of co-creating for developing innovative solutions for healthcare.

“If yesterday the IT personnel in Columbus was full of routine activities, today they can be able to concentrate their efforts on innovation and to optimize technology”

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