Westfalen Weser Netz AG

WWN is a leader company in Germany, distributing electricity, gas and water,  in a safe and fast way.


WWN’s first need is to guarantee availability and safety to the local population in case of emergency. The first-aid operators need to interact immediately with various people (citizens, local authorities, firemen, internal teams…) and a well projected console is mostly important to maintain the whole process as accurate as possible.

Maintaining an optimum services redundancy  of high availability communication services, to give the best quality service to local people in case of emergency.


We developed a solution allowing the controllers to simultaneously visualize, give priority and process the communication flows, in a fast and easy way, combining telephones, microphones and headphones

Technically speaking, several technologies have been integrated, such as IP Command and FAR Networks, in a Cisco high quality IP infrastructure.

FARSynch, our Smart Data Management solution, allows operators to directly have access to all directories on a touch screen. This guarantees that operators have a LDAP access and perdonal directories via IP.

This solution is complete with an access system to popup information for incoming calls with GPS localization.

  • IP Command Console

  • FAR Synch

  • Custom Software Development

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