• Proximity Marketing & Location Based Services

    Solutions that transform the Customer Experience

Location based services and real-time presence analytics

Start gathering analytics from the network: understand presence, position and stay of your clients inside designated areas.

Monitoring of paths

See traffic patterns based on X,Y coordinates and correlate user behavior to enhance Customer Experience.

Guest WiFi via Captive Portal

Offer highly secure connectivity and gather detailed analytics.

Advanced services for Marketing

We enable localized wireless communications, delivering content to your clients within a particular place. Push notifications, Customer service on-demand and much more for a new interactive Customer Experience.

Customer expectations are rising

Today consumers expect brands to be available anytime and anywhere at their convenience, therefore mobile is the fastest-growing and most dynamic touch point.


retail shoppers use their smartphone in stores


consumers access brand’s website or App while shopping in store


consumers access competitors’ website or App while shopping in store


Enabling on-line shopping and standard mobile services is not enough anymore. Today consumers expect brands to engage them with relevant and personalized content.

Wireless Location Bases Services

Geolocation of users in designated areas

The opportunity of monitoring positions and paths of consumers inside physical places allow brands to re-design conveniently Customer Experience and merchandising:

  • Location accuracy +/- 1 m
  • Refresh rate: 8-10 updates per minute
  • Number people by venue and zones
  • New compared to repeat visitors
  • Common traffic patterns
  • Where people spend time
  • Peak time in venue

Heat Maps

Monitor your busiest areas and take action for improving the Customer Experience.

Analytics and reports

Shed light on your customers’ behavior and compare stores performance.

A deep dive into  consumers’ behavior to measure customer visits, dwell times, paths and preferences to improve operations and evaluate the success of marketing programs and campaigns.

WiFi Guest Access

The opportunity to provide safe guest access WiFi network, improving the Customer Experience and gaining more detailed analytics on consumers’ behavior:

  • Customizing access portal
  • Custom access or social media access
  • Simplified log in
  • Customized and multimedia promotions via captive portal
  • Enhanced analytical
  • User Opt-In of terms and conditions

Advanced services for Marketing

The power of push notifications

Attract visitors into the store through mobile messaging. Use the right message, at the right place, in the right time to capture the attention of your target customers, increasing sales and customer satisfaction.

Push notifications can increase brand awareness the number of visits in retail stores but for marketers the question is: how can profits be directly related to push notifications?

Each push notification delivers a special coupon with traceable bar code. Once a customer uses the coupon to get customized discounts, the shop is able to allocate the sale to a specific marketing campaign.

Shop assistant on demand

This functionality allows customers to continue shopping around rather than struggle to find what they need. This is a useful strategy for brands that want to maintain a good customer service, even in case of staff shortages.


The customer Marta C , enters the store and takes a look around. She receives a push notification on her mobile: “There are two shop assistants available in the shop. Please check-in to get assistance, they will find you”.

Customer Experience Design

Manage remotely a system of sensors and actuators for analyzing, editing and controlling characteristics of the environment as:

  • Humidity/ Temperature
  • Lights
  • Locks
  • Geolocation of smart devices and people

Marketing can deliver better content for target markets while clients experience better value for money exchange.

Scalable and modular solutions that meet the demands of your growing business.

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