• Gain insight into customer interactions, identification and lie detection

We develop call recording projects based on IP platforms, enduring or on-demand.

Tailored Call recording solutions for business

General Business

Our solutions are perfect for recording order entry and internal conversations related to significant activities.

Trading Floor

We deliver voice recording solutions for trading floors and mission-critical environments that need to record calls for compliance, business improvement and fact verification.

Contact Center

Our recording solutions can be integrated with most CTI platforms and enable call quality monitoring, speech analytics and vocal coach.

Emergency & Control

We deliver tailored solutions to manage alarm call automation and to safely encrypted record of conversations.

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Solutions for workforce optimization

  • Performance management

  • Workforce mangement

  • Call quality monitoring

  • Speech analytics

  • Vocal Coach

Why choose FAR Networks?

Ten years’ experience

Integration with UC, Contact Center and CRM tools


High reliability and safety

Integration of voice ordering

Our recording platforms are great with Cisco, Skype for Business and full IP environments.

We work with the most innovative partners, side by side