• Wireless & Mobility

Work has migrated beyond the conventional boundaries of time and space into a wider environment and a growing number of people are shifting to mobile work. Companies need to find a way to manage the great number of smart devices connected to their wireless network.

Our wireless and mobile services allow businesses to manage complexity in a simple, efficient and safe way:

Wireless Network Optimization

Gain more speed, capacity and security for your applications.

WiFi design, WLAN and site survey

We identify the best components and their optimal position via RF analysis, to create high performance wireless networks.

Innovative communication with customers

Location based services, targeting and advanced communications.


BYOD solutions that allow people to work safe, reducing the IT department workload.

WiFi management in Cloud

Exploit fully the potential of your network in cloud.

Today a new generation of workforce knows that work is what you do, not a place to go: workers need to be empowered to work from anywhere.

We enable new ways of working, explore our Smart Working solutions.

We work with the most innovative partners, side by side

We are very good at

Indoor Access Points

Outdoor e industriali Access Points

Wireless LAN controller

Centralized Network Management

Cisco CMX

Cisco Prime

Cisco ISE

Meraki Cloud Management

We simplify and optimize networks and systems

enabling the IT Department to focus on business growth rather than complexity management.

How we work

Focus on business goals

We develop smart networks and access systems to integrate your business goals. We deliver applications to enhance productivity, collaboration and user experience, reducing the workload of the IT department through automation and convergence.

The best technologies

We develop our solutions with the best brands, testing carefully the performance in our laboratories. We specialize in Cisco and Microsoft technology and are able to integrate them on both client and server sides.

Collaborative development

There are needs that can’t be fulfilled with standard products on market. Our development team is at your disposal to realize collaboratively customizations and ad hoc developments.

Support 24/7

We have an internal Helpdesk that deploys a full set of world-class services for our clients. The team includes Support Engineers, highly experienced in products, application management and advanced troubleshooting. Customer Support is primarily delivered remotely through VPN or other secure access.